About Alicia

cropped-cropped-dsc_067011.jpgI’m a Registered Nurse who stays at home with a very, very energetic and spunky toddler. I am married to the good looking boy I fell in love with at age seventeen. My husband farms cotton and wheat in west-central Texas. He is the kindest, funniest, and most hard-working person I’ve ever known. I’m an ordinary woman with an extraordinary God. I don’t have tons of money, or a closet full of fabulous clothes. I’m not in great shape, I’m not exceptionally funny or witty, my house is pretty much always a wreck, and I don’t get many (okay, ANY) awards for my cooking. But God still chose me…and He chose YOU, too. My mission in sharing my stories- my struggles, my victories, and my journeys- is to bring bring people closer to the Lord. Wherever we are, he meets us. It’s the truth.


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