Guest Blogger: Motivation from Fit is Chic

You may have noticed the tagline on my homepage:

The chronicles of an imperfect journey of motherhood, fitness, and following Jesus.

I haven’t been paying much homage to the fitness aspect of that, besides mentioning that one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to get in shape, and although I realize I’m a few weeks late, I’m coming into the game hot off the bench! I’m 4 days into my Advocare 24 Day Challenge, and I’m not going to lie…I’m dreaming of carbs in my sleep and feeling pretty blah due to the detox process. Exercise has been tough this week because Evan has been under the weather and has wanted me to hold him constantly, but I’m determined to meet my fitness goals, so I’m calling in an expert: Mattie Claire, Founder and Creative Director of Fit is Chic. Beautiful, intelligent, well dressed, and real- this is Mattie. Read on for some tips to reach your fitness goals. (I’m already imagining doing The Towels Workout with Evan Jake on my back. Haha!)


Hi, Truth and Teething readers. Mattie from Fit is Chic here!

I would be telling a huge lie if I said I knew anything about being a mom, because I know absolutely nothing about being a mom. But what I do know is…being a mom is hard. And staying fit while being a mom is REALLY hard.

Really hard…but not impossible. Remember that, mommies. It is not impossible!

Between raising a tiny human, feeding and dressing yourself, making sure your husband (or boyfriend) is fed and happy, and staying sane, working out may seem out of reach. But with these at-home workouts, you can fit a quick workout in anytime!

The Towels Workout – All you need is a slick floor and two paper towels.

Fit is Chic’s 10-Minute Ab Routine – All you need is a mat or a soft-ish surface.  (Try doing this three times per week to tighten those core muscles!)

A Rainy-Day Workout – If you need a little cardio in your life, try this!

Four Minutes To Fit – This is a 4-minute workout. It’s not easy, but it’s effective. And just 4 minutes! C’mon, sister!

Build-a-Booty Workout – Your booty is the biggest muscle in your body. Working it out burns more calories than running a mile, so get after it!

If you’re wondering about the secret fit-mom formula…THERE ISN’T ONE! There is no secret code or pill or diet. There’s willpower. And there’s determination.  Reaching your fitness goals has everything to do with how much you want it. Because if you REALLY want it, you will make it happen.

I hope this post gives you just the teensiest bit of inspiration you might need. And if you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m more than happy to help you!

You can find me on Instagram (@fitischic), Twitter (@fitischic), Facebook (Fit is Chic), and Pinterest (Mattie Claire) for further inspo!

Have a wonderful week; & stay fit, friends! Xo

Mattie Claire